Howdy! We’re Reyce and Natalie — the Southwestern based faces and creatives behind Muddy River.

We don’t just want to leave you with lasting photos. Let’s capture the way it felt- the way you felt during these once in a lifetime moments. The before, during, after- the important and not so important.



They are amazing! They did our engagements and our wedding. Both made us very comfortable and took the PERFECT pictures! They has the best personalities while being super professional. Couldn’t have asked for anyone better to capture the best day ever!
— Megan + Logan

See Where We’re At

We’re proudly based in the sunny, wild, and humble state of Arizona. Born and raised as coyotes of cactus and pine, we’re no strangers to vibrant colors and desert details. However, we’re willing to travel anywhere and everywhere for your wedding / bridal / love needs. With a dedicated working Subaru Outback and Ford F-250 and fully loaded passports, there ain’t no place we’re afraid of. Be it your grandmother’s backyard or the top of a mountain in nowhere Oregon, we’re here for you.


To Express, Not Impress

We're no strangers to the unusual. Couples photography shouldn't have to feel overly posed and perfect — screw that. The raw, genuine, and quirky moments are what we strive for. We love when your friends get drunk before noon, when your mom ugly cries at the sight of you in your dress, and those passionate makeout sessions when you're finally finished with the ceremony. We love to capture whatever, wherever — be it on the top of a mountain in the Rockies or your grandma's bakckyard. We've go your back.